We got a new pet, and it cleans up after itself!

I keep saying you “can’t put a price on amusement” (usually when I’m trying to justify the ridiculous amount of money we spend on the chickens and ducks) but it turns out you can, and it’s the price of the new iRobot Roomba.

We got our new Roomba on Wednesday and I COULD NOT be more excited. Her name is Rosie (like the maid from the Jetsons) and she is awesome. She’s like a pet who ACTUALLY DOES HER SHARE OF THE WORK. The other animals could take a leaf out of her book. We followed her around the house watching her clean, and it was pretty clear she has a fantastic personality. Don’t even try and tell me robotic vacuum cleaners don’t have a personality, or I’ll make you come over and meet her. She likes to zoom at the horrified dogs and spin around in happy circles before she takes off for the next room. She loves her job.

Yesterday was her first day on the job unsupervised. She was rostered on (scheduled) for 1pm and I wished her good luck with the new job on my way out the door. That afternoon, when Ben got home, he sent me this text:

“Rosie has a story to tell. She closed herself in the office and ejected her collector tray by the door, then hid in the corner. haha”

Poor Rosie had a terrible first day. She zoomed off her dock at the allotted time and started cleaning away, but then, when she merrily went into the office to clean, disaster struck. A picture frame fell over behind the door, closing the door and pressing her eject button in the process. She effectively soiled herself on the carpet then bolted for the corner of the room where she stayed, facing the wall, in utter humiliated silence for the rest of the day. We had to rescue her and reassure her that lots of people have mishaps on their first day of work and she wasn’t fired, we still loved her (while secretly thinking “Did we just inadvertently get another pet who’s going to hide in a room and make a mess on the carpet?”)



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