Meatless Monday, just add meat.

The other week I announced to Ben that we should start doing “Meatless Monday”.  I have since been asked why I decided this and whether it was for “health”,  “ethical” or “financial” reasons.  I answered  “a combination” but the real reason was “amusement at Ben’s reaction”.

After a fairly long discussion, Ben announced that he was “Only joking” and he “didn’t mind vegetarian dishes at all, as long as they contained a bit of meat.”  I told him I don’t think vegetarian means what he thinks it means.

So last Monday was the first Meatless Monday.  We had gnocchi.  Afterwards, I enquired as to what he thought of it.  He responded “It was really nice actually.  I liked it.  I think it was probably missing little something though.  Maybe next time when we make it we can jazz it up a bit.  It was good, it was probably just missing a little bit of…..meat.

We’ll keep trying.


This is not my gnocchi.  It is Martha Stewart’s.  But mine totally looked almost exactly like that.  Probably even better, but I forgot to take a photo of it while I was singing all the praises of Meatless Monday to Ben.


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