At least the chickens are on our side…

Found a letter pushed under the chicken coop door.  Duck Norris is officially out of control.  I think we can count on the chickens to be our spies, but I’m too scared to tell them incase they start demanding spy type stuff.  I’m not having them hanging over the duck enclosure in black outfits, Mission Impossible style, I don’t think my craziness meter could stand it.



8 thoughts on “At least the chickens are on our side…

  1. Oh dear, I had a very busy week and sort of took my eye off of Duck Norris and his doings. That really was a mistake, wasn’t it? I hope you were in time to cancel the credit card order.

    I have to add, incidentally, that this fourteen-and-a-bit-page letter really does say something unexpected about the intelligence of chickens. I’m sure mainly people will, like me, have been profoundly shocked to learn they can’t even spell “unacceptable”!


    • I do hope I’ve cancelled my credit card in time. I’ve ordered some things online myself, so I get jumpy everytime I get a “your package has been shipped” email. I had better not receive any unexpected love boats.

      I was just as shocked as you about the spelling. I am organising advanced English lessons for them as we speak. Although, that may encourage Norris to try and get them to do his typing even more….it’s a difficult decision..

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    • Well, that’ll teach me to blog outside in the sunshine. I just checked out Freddie’s blog and Duck Norris was looking over my shoulder. He said “Who is that duck with the fabulous crown?” I told him it was a goose and it’s not a crown, he’s a handsome gander and that’s how they look. He said ” IT’S A CROWN. GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD”.

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