I can’t believe I said that, right when the Universe was listening.

I swear we don’t go more than a few weeks without having to turn up to the vet with one of the animals.  Now when I call them, they actually recognise my voice.  My Father in Law once suggested we buy a veterinary practice and I dismissed it, now I’m thinking he might be the smartest man alive.

Now, I am absolutely aware of how the Universe works.  I know it has a completely warped sense of humour, so WHY would I say “Well, at least the ducks have been great, none of them have even needed to go to the vet yet”  OUT LOUD right when the Universe was listening?

The Universe usually responds very quickly, so when I walked outside two days later and saw Quackmire limping, I shouldn’t have even been surprised.

We picked him up to have a look at him and he now says he has called a lawyer because he is suing us for kissing him on the head and saying he has “the cutest little face in the world”.  He is mortified and thinks we have ruined his reputation with the rest of the flock.

We told him he’d need to go to the vet and Cleoquacktra insisted he would need to fill out a hospital admission form so they didn’t amputate the wrong leg.  He freaked out a bit, but I convinced him they were NOT going to cut anything off and he was over-reacting.  He filled out the form she gave him, but unfortunately he got Duck Norris to check it for spelling errors before he handed it in.


My credit card spends more time out of my purse than in it.  We should probably just leave it with the vet to save time.


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe I said that, right when the Universe was listening.

  1. Oh, you should never speak out loud in front of the Universe. It’s not to be trusted. Good to see Duck Norris is keeping busy meddling and scheming, as usual. 🙂


    • I just don’t seem to learn. I’ve also been saying things like “Oh, it looks like the ducks don’t want to eat those types of plants, I’ll buy more of those to put in the garden…” *Plant 10 of them* becomes most delicious things the ducks have ever seen. They are the biggest bunch of troublemakers and Norris is a “wonderful” leader…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can see how that would be annoying. I can’t believe they really think Norris is a wonderful leader, though. Surely they’re just to afraid to speak out?


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