The moment your cat sexually harasses the electricity man

On Tuesday, I looked out the front door to see someone walking up the path.  It was the Western Power man, wanting to check our meter reading.

Our cat was lounging in her cat bed, a raised platform, right underneath the power box.  It’s not the first time she’s blended into her surroundings and gone unnoticed by people at our door.  I’m pretty sure she does it on purpose.

As he was busy reading the meter, I suddenly noticed the cat was slowly reaching a paw out to him….she was at just the right level for it to be inappropriate.  I held my breath a little and stared at her with a very definite “DON’T DO IT” look.  But cats couldn’t give a toss about that look.  In fact, I think it encourages them.

As she reached further and further forward, and I realised he was completely oblivious to her existence, there was a moment where I almost opened my mouth to warn him… but when I saw that she had managed to casually hook one claw onto the crotch of his pants, I panicked.  In the small amount of time I had, I couldn’t decide whether it was worse to blurt out “Excuse me, my cat is touching your junk” or to just remain silent and give her the opportunity to let go.  I was sure when he backed away from the meter box that she would just let him go.  I had forgotten what sort of cat I was dealing with.

As he tried to back away, instead of letting go like any normal animal, she lunged forward and gripped both of his pant legs with both paws.  He screamed.  And jumped backwards.  At which point, she came all the way out of her bed, hanging off him, nose at crotch height, staring him right in the face.

I’m not sure what the etiquette is when  your cat is suddenly, and unexpectedly, attached to someone’s private area.  Such actions as slamming the door and running went through my mind.  Also announcing “That’s not my cat” or just packing up and moving house.   Instead, I had to apologise profusely and extract our (now probably a registered sex offender) cat from his pants, in the least awkward way possible.


I’m expecting our power bill to be double this month.  Thanks a lot cat.




I regret nothing.



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